MSME 2019 Speakers

Prof. Ruxu Du (Keynote Speaker)

Fellow of SME, ASME, HKIE

South China University of Technology, China




Prof. Chen Zhan (Keynote Speaker)

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand




Prof. Etsuji Ohmura (Keynote Speaker)

Osaka University, Japan

Keynote Lecture: Theoretical Elucidation of Laser Processing Mechanism

Abstract: When laser beam with a high energy density is irradiated onto a material, the energy of the beam is converted into thermal energy by absorption, and the temperature rises locally.....(Learn More)



MSME Past Speakers

Speaker 6

Prof. Hamid Assadi

Brunel University London, UK

Head of Virtual Engineering Centre

Speech Title: Modelling of Materials Processes and Microstructure

Abstract:This presentation will give an overview of materials modelling based on the speaker’s activities in this area within the last two decades. The talk will focus on models of microstructure evolution in a selection of materials processes, ranging from rapid solidification of intermetallics to grain boundary segregation during heat treatment of steels.


Speaker 2

Prof. Stefan Dimov

University of Birmingham, UK

Speech Title:System-level Tools for Integrating Metal Additive Manufacturing Technologies in Production Lines

Abstract:The Additive Manufacturing (AM) of metal parts made a significant progress in the last two decades. Especially, there have been significant advances in single-step Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) technology and currently laser-based PBF can be considered the most widely adopted process for metal AM.(Learn More)

Speaker 3

Prof. Joseph ZARKA

MZ Intelligent Systems, France

Speech Title:Big Data: Optimal Design of Woven Composite Materials

Abstract:In 1989, at Ecole Polytechnique (France) with a little team, we started to explore the domain of Artificial Intelligency of Machine Learning as I knew that I don’t know even if many areas I was an expert....(Learn More)

Speaker 4

Prof. Ziad MOUMNI

ENSTA ParisTech, France

Speech Title:Fatigue Analysis of Shape Memory alloys

Abstract:Shape memory alloys (SMAs) exhibit interesting properties when subjected to mechanical or thermal loadings. For instance, they can accommodate large recoverable strains, or recover their shape by simple heating after being inelastically strained....(Learn More)

Speaker 5

Prof. Rachid bennacer

School Ecole Normale Superieure (Cachan), France


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